Permitting and Litigation Support

Permitting Support Services

Solar Ensure supports developers, owners, operators and investors in their compliance with regulation and legislation. Evolving standards demand a proactive approach to minimize environmental risk while maintaining economic benefit. Solar Ensure provides cost-effective environmental management solutions through the establishment of close working relationships with local, state, provincial, and federal regulating agencies. We nurture these relationships with transparent communication, emphasizing complete, timely responses to all agency concerns. Solar Ensure has extensive experience working successfully with regulators across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

We offer the following services:

  • Pre-construction verification of project regulatory requirements and agency consultation
  • Pre-Construction Site Environmental Due Diligence including Phase I ESAs, Desktop Wetland Reviews, and Project Management of Avian, Cultural, Shadow Flicker, and Noise Studies
  • Permit negotiation and submittal
  • Pre-and Post-Construction Monitoring Project Management
  • Operational Environmental Compliance Project Management
  • Site Remediation during Repowering and Brownfield Development
  • Natural Resource Restoration

Litigation Support

Solar Ensure provides objective, third-party expert analysis, recommendations, and testimony. The Solar Ensure staff have testified in both civil and regulatory cases or supported regulatory applications. Key applications for expert witness testimony include:

  • Technology viability
  • Technology market analysis
  • Project due diligence (technical, financial or otherwise)
  • Preparation of court documentation and reports
  • In-person testimony of research finding